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Niccolo Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469, in Florence, Italy. His father, Bernardo belonged to an impoverished branch of an influential old Florentine family. Bernardo was a lawyer and he had a small. Niccol Machiavelli (1469-1527), Italian political thinker and historical figure best remembered for his masterpiece, The Prince (written in 1513, but published posthumously in 1532). Machiavelli is considered one of the great early analyzers of. He achieved some fame as a historian and playwright, but with. The Prince he hoped to regain political favor. It tells how to gain, maintain, and centralize power. In 1519 Machiavelli was partly reconciled. Niccolo. Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist and had written many books on war. He advocates in his book to fake your death to fool your enemies. Niccolo faked his death and came back. Bernardo died in 1500, Machiavelli's mother, Bartolomea de' Nelli, had died in 1496. As a thinker Machiavelli belonged to an entire school of Florentine intellectuals concerned with an examination of political and historical problems.

The Prince was condemned by the Pope and its viewpoints gave rise to the well-known adjective machiavellian, a synonym for political maneuvers marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith. This interpretation of Machiavelli's thought.

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His important writings were composed after 1512 when he was accused of conspiracy in 1513. The Medici family had returned to power and had ended the Florentine Republic. Lorenzo de' Medici fired Machiavelli who.
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