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It uses mobile services which are location-based, context aware, and enable opportunistic informal learning. These are combined with measures of learner progression and achievement. Our research has addressed mobile learning which crosses contexts, where. Surveys and interviews with adult mobile learners (2005-13 including an international survey of five institutions in 2010 (Kukulska-Hulme et al., 2011 have produced new knowledge about emerging learning practices with phones and tablets, and. This work has been revised and extended to adult learning within the. OpenScience Laboratory (2012-13) and to informal learning by young people through a grant from the Nominet Trust (2013-14). The Mobile Assistance for.

3, no. 1, pp. 18-52. ISSN :. 3. Leach, J., Ahmed, A., Makalima, S. and Power, T. (2006) DEEP IMPACT : an investigation of the use of information and communication technologies for teacher education.

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Sharples has provided continuing consultancy to Nokia on mobile learning. In 2012 Nokia, UNESCO and the Pearson Foundation initiated an international Education for All challenge to find innovative applications of mobile phones for learning.
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