"My resume is enclosed" or "I am enclosing my resume" are both fine ways of putting it. If you are including recommendation letters that will be sent separately by your references, you might write.

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5 Phrases To Close Your Cover Letter Land The Interview

List a few in your cover letter, such as: "extensive experience with start-ups" "demonstrated ability to solve pr. The employer will specify how she wants to receive materials. This may be in hard copy through the mail, or through a job application website, or via email. Whatever the delivery method, be sure. 5 Mention any enclosures. Your application may require that you send a resume, writing samples, or other materials with your cover letter. Mention that you are enclosing them in the envelope or attaching them. For example, you could be a: "graduate student in environmental science" "customer service professional specializing in the high-end retail market" 4 Provide a general description of your accomplishments/experiences in the field to which you. 8 Thank the employer. Always thank the reader for her time and consideration. It shows that you are polite and respectful of her time, something of great value in a busy work environment.

You will not convey that you have attention to detail and professionalism if your cover letter has spelling and/or grammatical errors. Carefully comb through the letter for mistakes. 9 Ask someone else to read.

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The conclusion is your opportunity to repeat your excitement about the job and your ability to do the job well. 2. For example, you might write: I am very excited about the opportunity to.
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