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Patent US Low-pressure Fischer-Tropsch process

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Sasol's Lake Charles Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) and Ethane Cracker Complex in Louisiana. Figure 1 shows a simplified block flow diagram of a process incorporating FT synthesis. The gasification island consists of all the supporting process technologies. If maximizing the gasoline product fraction, it is best to use an iron catalyst at a high temperature in a fixed fluid bed reactor. If maximizing the diesel product fraction, a slurry reactor with. Higher temperatures shift selectivity towards lower carbon number products and more hydrogenated products; branching increases and secondary products such as ketones and aromatics also increase. This is reflected in the following graphic 1 (click. The economies of scale justify the use of high operating pressure, the use of oxygen natural gas reforming, extensive tail gas recycling to the FT reactor for increasing synthesis gas conversion and controlling heat.

These plants operate at high-pressure, about 450 psia, and use extensive recycling of tail gas in the FT reactor. For, example, the Norsk Hydro plant design has a recycle ratio of about 3.0.

Low pressure f t diesel synthesis
The preferred reaction conditions identified for this research were: T 230C, P 10 bar, H2/CO 2.0, WHSV 2.2 h-1, and catalyst loading 2.0g. Operation in the low range of pressures studied resulted in low.
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