As the collision reporting becomes more and more electronic, this processing time will greatly diminish. Those individuals who are entitled parties will receive a non-redacted copy of the record per the Revised Code of.

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Trends in Biochemical Sciences 38(12 603611. Guarente L and Ptashne M (1981) Fusion of Escherichia coli lacZ to the cytochrome c gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the. Vectors and Controls Vectors and Controls Vector choices. Vector Reporter gene Tracking gene Selection marker Vector type pEZX-PG04. Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) Secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP ) Puromycin. Non-viral pEZX-PG02 Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) N/A Puromycin. Trends in Biotechnology 27: 266276. Ong CT and Corces VG (2011) Enhancer function: new insights into the regulation of tissuespecific gene expression. Nature Reviews Genetics 12: 283293. Rougvie AE and Lis JT (1988) The. The secondary reporter, secreted Alkaline Phosphatase (SEAP serves as an internal control. The dual-reporter system enables transfection normalization for accurate cross-sample comparison. Figure 3. Normalized promoter activities in H1B1B and HEK293T cells.

These Gaussia luciferase cloning vectors are available for purchase. Control clones and SEAP expression clone Buy Catalog# Product Description Vector Price GAPDH -PF02 GAPDH positive control clone House keeping gene promoter positive control in single.

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The dual-reporter system uses GLuc as the promoter reporter and SEAP (secreted Alkaline Phosphatase) as the internal control for signal normalization. Figure 1. How GLuc-ON promoter clones work. Advantages Live cell assays Naturally secreted.
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