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So when we execute the above program, it produces the following result because here the given condition exists(data'Lisa' returns true Lisa is 30 years old Getting Hash Size You can get the size. Puts hi world! php -r 'echo "hin python -c 'print hi ruby -e 'puts "hi block delimiters : and offside rule do end statement separator ; or newline newline not separator inside, or after. But to remove an element from the hash you need to use delete function as shown below in the example #!/usr/bin/perl data John Paul' 45, 'Lisa' 30, 'Kumar' 40 @keys keys data; size @keys;.

You can get around this by using the exists function, which returns true if the named key exists, irrespective of what its value might be #!/usr/bin/perl data John Paul' 45, 'Lisa' 30, 'Kumar' 40.

Perl assign array as hash value
Simply saying first you have to get an array of either the keys or values and then you can get the size of array as follows #!/usr/bin/perl data John Paul' 45, 'Lisa' 30, 'Kumar'.
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